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Top Up Cambodia SIM Card


There are three big mobile phone companies in Cambodia: Hello, Beeline and Metfone. Please find related prepaid SIM card recharge informatiom below.


Buy Hello Recharge Card

Buy recharge card from any Hello dealer.

Recharge Instructions:

1. Scratch the laminated panel carefully to obtain the 12-digit refill code.

2. To refill airtime, please use either method a or b:

  a. Key in *101*, enter the 12-digit refill code, press # and press the send button.

  b. Dial 1450, listen to the voice instructions and enter the 12-digit refill code.

3. To check new credit balance, please use either method c or d:

  c. Key in *100# and press the send button.

  d. Dial 1451 for balance enquiry and expiry date.

4. Dial 1453 to select language preference


Electronic Recharge

Topping up gets even easier with electronic recharge called Banh Luy.

Hello BANH LUY is an electronic airtime refill (top-up) service available from any Hello dealer. No need for a recharge card (scratch card). Simply look for a Hello dealer with a BANH LUY sign and request for Hello BANH LUY. You can top up from $1 to $100. Plus get bonus SMS and MMS, when you top up with hello BANH LUY.



Now buying hello scratch card is easy with ACLEDA ATM.


ACLEDA Unity Recharge

Mobile Top Up is easier with ACLEDA unity.

With ACLEDA Unity, it’s now easier to buy recharge card (scratch card) on your mobile phone anywhere, anytime without visiting Hello point or bank. Simply register for ACLEDA Unity at your nearest ACLEDA Bank. Then, you can start enjoying the convenience of ACLEDA Unity. For more details, please visit or call 023 994 444 or 015 999 233.


 Top Up Cambodia SIM Card


Easy Fill

Card free, hassle free - top up at any Beeline outlet or Beeline sales office near you anywhere in the country.         

Easy Fill allows you to top up how much you want from 50 cents to USD 500.

If you have any questions about our Price Plans, Services, please call us by dialing (24/7):

• 0611 (Free of charge on beeline numbers)

• 090 999 611 (on other operators in Cambodia)

Sotelco Ltd. (Beeline Cambodia)

#15E, Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh

E-mail : 

Or, Go to Beeline Sales Office



There is no top up information on Metfone's website. They may update the section in a near future:

If you require any assistance with a any Metfone services, including refill information, please contace 1777 or 0977097097.

Please find Metfone support information at


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